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About Us

Scandinavian Selection Ltd has been supplying the No-Tray High Chair and other innovative products to the hospitality industry for 30 years.

Actually it's a great story...

It all started in 1984 when Murray Planidin left his City job to set up an agency importing Scandinavian products to the UK. With a Swedish and drawn to the clean design and high-quality manufacture (back when Ikea was in Sweden only!), he saw the potential for hand-picked products in the UK.

The first Scandinavian Selection catalogue was quite a mix of products, mostly wooden items, lots of craft kits for famillies, a birdhouse, decorative shelves...

And of course, the No Tray High Chair.

The catalogue was created for the consumer.

And then one day, a restaurant ordered not one chair, but six! Then another did the same. Suddenly the potential for this new-fangled "No-Tray" design, where children would sit around the table with their families and not eat from a plastic tray, was beginning to be realised.
Not long after McDonalds responded to an ad in a trade magazine and ordered 400 chairs. And Pizza Express and KFC added it to their design specifications.

It became the restaurant high chair design - the one we all expect to see when we brave a meal out with small children!

20 + years later and some of those original chairs are still in use and going strong!

Of course, the chair's unique design has been copied many times over now, production has been moved a few times within the EU and the design has been modified slightly to meet safety standards, but as we like to say, none match the simple elegance of the original!

Scandinavian Selection Ltd is still run by Murray Planidin with the assistance of his son Alex.


To order your chairs, see the full range of colours of the iconic No-Tray High Chair here


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