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When will I get my chairs?

Tomorrow! Orders placed by 12 noon will be delivered the next working day.
Just call us on 020 8566 1680 if you have any questions.

What's the difference between the No-Tray High Chair and the Eurobambino?

Essentially, the Eurobambino is a budget copy of the original No-Tray High Chair design. Think Audi A3 vs a Vauxhall Astra.
The Astra will get you from A to B, but it depends on your priorities and what kind of impression you want to give your customers.
The Original No-Tray High Chair is a design icon, a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right and is even recognised in Sweden as a "work of art"!

Below is a like for like comparison to help you decide which chair is right for your restaurant:


No Tray High Chair Eurobambino
Weight Weight 5 kg Weight 8kg
Where made? Made in EU Made in Far East
Guarantee 1 year guarantee 1 year guarantee
How does it wear? Wears extremely well Shows signs of wear after
Current customers Pizza Express, Wagamama, John Lewis, ASDA & many others Independents across the UK
(Forest Stewardship Council certifies sustainable timber production)
Yes No
Stackable Yes Yes
Handling Very easy - slides on and off stack. Even mums with babies in their arms can handle one-handed. Must be lifted "up and over" stack. Can be strenuous for smaller members of staff
Has a tray? No - slides up to table No - slides up to table
Self Assembly Yes Yes
Seat belt (strap) enclosed? Yes Yes
Cushion insert available? Yes Yes
Original design?  Yes  No
 Coloured toy balls included?  Yes- added or left off when assembled

What are the chair's full dimensions?



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